Get your family around dinner table

Dinner table should be no negotiable for a family where there is love. No matter how busy we are in everyday life, as a family, we can’t neglect the importance and the benefits of building diner culture. How often do you take time to have family diner? Has parents, we have to remember that a family (our partner and our kids), is our first business. It needs care. Spending time together, especially around the table is a wonderful moment to create memories. Don’t neglect this time in your week plan. Kids are growing very fast. You’ll be surprised one day when your son or daughter will inform you of his/ her plan to rent an apartment.
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Research shows that families who eat together benefit in more ways than one. Sitting down to share meals boosts communication and strengthens relationships. Kids who regularly enjoy family meals around the table statistically perform better in school and tend to make better choices, even under peer pressure, about alcohol, drugs, sex, etc.

Source: 5 Ways to Get Your Family Around the Dinner Table Again | Parenting

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