If you’ve been to a wedding ceremony, you’ve noticed how serious the moment for the vows is.

As you’re planning your wedding, it’s important to understand the meaning of vows. Vows are a verbal contract. Wedding vows are not just a formal part of the wedding ceremony. In fact, this is the moment when you really commit yourself to your partner for life. The words in your vows are meant to deeply express the sense of your marriage; what you dream of building with your partner.

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In many cases, the celebrant will ask you to repeat what was already written, but the best will be to use your own words. Even if you are repeating after the celebrant written vows, you need to ensure you fully understand the deep commitment behind the vows you are repeating. Imprinting this in your heart will daily uphold your marriage as you weather through various storms. If it’s possible for you to write your own vows, I would encourage you to make sure you incorporate these 4 secrets in your vows.

I truly believe in the power of a good wedding vow. What makes the best ones? That it’s believable. When a couple knows what they are saying and truly believe in it, then a wedding vow carries weight and really means something.

Source: 4 Secrets to the Most Promising Personal Wedding Vows – Verily

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